Nikkiso Clean Energy & Industrial Gases Group Announces Formation of Expanded Marine Facility in Korea

TEMECULA, Calif., Nov. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nikkiso Clean Energy & Industrial Gases Group (Group), a subsidiary of Nikkiso Co., Ltd (Japan), is proud to announce the expansion of our Busan Korea facility to accommodate their new Marine Center. This expansion represents their commitment to and support of the growth of the Korean shipbuilding industry.

The new, larger facility provides full–system Marine solutions, and will serve as the Group's home base for all marine activities in Korea. As a unified Nikkiso facility, they will provide marine solutions including pump skids, vaporizers, controls, high–pressure fuel gas skids, service and more. The facility includes complete cryogenic testing capabilities and expanded staff including design engineers, production and project managers.

Marine has been a major focus of the Group, and this expansion provides a strong support structure for future growth. The new facility is ideally located within the region to support their key customers and provide anticipated growth of the Marine industry's focus on clean energy. Approximately 4,000 square meters, the facility is outfitted to manufacture and fabricate cryogenic pumps, FGSS Vaporizer skid, LH2 station skids, process skids, and will feature the latest LN2 pump skid test facility. It also includes a 342 square meter service center.

According to Daryl Lamy, President of Nikkiso Cryogenic Pumps, "Nikkiso ACD has been the preferred supplier for Fuel Gas skids to the Korean shipbuilding industry for over 20 years! With our new skid packaging and testing facility located near the shipyards in Korea, we now have even greater capacity and local support to meet the significant global increase and demand for new build LNG fueled cargo and transport vessels."

According to Peter Wagner, CEO of Cryogenic Industries and President of the Group, "This is an exciting next step and important milestone for our Group and the LNG powered Marine market and a significant benefit for our Marine customers. Nikkiso CE&IG will now be able to provide complete systems and support our customers with a complete factory supported solution."

Contact Information:

Nikkiso Clean Energy and Industrial Gases – Korea
Head office & Factory : 83, Nosan sanup jung–ro, Gangseo–gu, Busan, 46752, Korea
Branch office : #1912, 170 Ganggyo jungang–ro, Yeongtong–gu, Suwon,
Gyuenggi 16614 Korea

Cryogenic Industries, Inc. (now a member of Nikkiso Co., Ltd.) member companies manufacture engineered cryogenic gas processing equipment and small–scale process plants for the liquefied natural gas (LNG), well services and industrial gas industries. Founded over 50 years ago, Cryogenic Industries is the parent company of ACD, Cosmodyne and Cryoquip and a commonly controlled group of approximately 20 operating entities.

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Salehiya, a Leading Player in Saudi Healthcare Market, Integrates First Major Sustainable Solar Solution into their State-of-art GDP Compliant Healthcare Mega Distribution Center

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, Nov. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In line with its purpose to elevate the healthcare experience in the region, Salehiya marks another milestone in these efforts by signing an agreement with SAFEER for the installation of a 1.2MWp solar rooftop system on the premises of its new healthcare mega distribution center in Riyadh.

Salehiya Logistics covers the entire spectrum of healthcare logistical needs, including the design and execution of innovative, digitally monitored, and customized solutions. Salehiya's Riyadh distribution center will be located on the southern outskirts of the city with an advanced cold–chain system that provides visibility and monitoring services across every stage to meet the unique needs of global pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.

The integration of the solar energy system at Salehiya Riyadh distribution center will ensure cost–effective access to electricity that will allow the savings to be reinvested in supporting priority health programs, while also reducing carbon emissions and advancing sustainable development goals.

The system will produce ~50 GWh of clean energy over the next 25 years and will offset nearly 35,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions, corresponding to approximately 140 million kilometers driven by an average passenger vehicle or equivalent to more than 580,000 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.

The planning and construction of the solar energy system will be completed by SAFEER, a joint venture between TotalEnergies and Altaaqa (a Zahid Group company).

Commenting on the project, Dr. Saud Al–Eshaiwy VP of Government Affairs & PR at Salehiya said, "Turning to green energy in our new distribution center in Riyadh stems from one of our core values at Salehiya; we believe in innovative thinking and challenging our mindset and way of working. A large part of our aspiration to elevate the healthcare experience is to innovate and enhance our Logistics facilities. The solar power technology will not only help reduce the carbon footprint but will also enable the operations of our state–of–the–art distribution center to seamlessly deliver world–class medical and pharmaceutical supplies to our partners in the Kingdom."

Francois Ganneau, Managing Director of SAFEER, said, "SAFEER is delighted to support leading healthcare provider Salehiya's transition to green energy. We will be showcasing our commitment to excellence on a very demanding project, in line with the Kingdom's bold Vision 2030."

About Salehiya
Salehiya is a leading healthcare distribution company in Saudi Arabia. Established in 1964 with a vision to transform the healthcare delivery, Salehiya has played an integral role in the rapid growth of the healthcare industry in the Kingdom. Through innovative, digital and customized logistics and cold–chain solutions, Salehiya continues to elevate the healthcare system with its diversified portfolio of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, patient and consumer care supplies, animal health and logistic expertise, delivered to improve the health and well–being of the entire community.

SAFEER is a joint venture between TotalEnergies and Altaaqa (a Zahid Group Company), which offers industrial and commercial clients the route to accessing solar energy, via a lease model.
SAFEER's goal is to deliver cost–effective, reliable solar energy solutions across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Specializing in commercial and industrial solar installations, the joint venture leverages TotalEnergies' access to the entire photovoltaic solar value chain and Altaaqa's two decades of leadership in delivering independent power generation and water solutions.


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