Sphera Announces Expanded Availability of Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting Solutions

CHICAGO, Sept. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sphera , a global leader in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risk and performance management software, data and consulting services, announces the widespread availability of its integrated ESG solutions. They consist of a comprehensive suite of data, software and consulting services that help customers quickly and effectively elevate their ESG performance and reporting capability.

With this expanded offering, Sphera customers will have better access to data–driven insights to maximize cost–effectiveness, increase the value of their investments in corporate social responsibility efforts, and satisfy both traditional compliance and future sustainability needs. Managing ESG performance reduces exposure to environmental risk, increases revenue and drives organizations into a sustainable future. With growing investor demand for measurable ESG progress, business leaders need to be able to demonstrate their ESG performance with clarity and confidence. Sphera has adapted its technology suite to specifically address this burgeoning market need. Features of Sphera's integrated ESG solutions include:

  • Industry–based sustainability data to provide reliable data–driven insights""close to 15,000 datasets for more than 20 industries""into a company's value chain and create a foundation for fact–based improvement and communication of your ESG performance.
  • Connected, scalable software solutions to ensure transparency and increase the efficiency of each stage of a customer's sustainability and ESG journey.
  • Expert–led ESG guidance from sustainability consultants to bring deep sector and method–specific knowledge into the equation.

Moving toward a net–zero emission target is one of the most important metrics for ESG reporting. However, the assessment, management and reduction of Scope 3 emissions are the most difficult parts to achieve due to the huge amount of information that needs to be collected and analyzed. Sphera's combination of data, software and expertise helps companies address these strategic decarbonization challenges.

Sphera's ESG solution also incorporates a number of widely accepted disclosure framework standards, such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). This flexibility enables companies across industries to efficiently report their sustainability activities in relevant, sector–specific terms.

"Innovation has always been at the heart of Sphera's mission, and our laser focus on staying ahead of the risk management curve has helped us evolve to become a leading integrated ESG software, data and services organization""at a time when our clients need these services the most," said Paul Marushka, Sphera's president and CEO. "Companies with the highest levels of ESG performance see greater returns on their investments, and we believe our comprehensive solutions can help them harness this powerful correlation."

Sphera has long been at the forefront of innovative sustainability reporting solutions, leveraging its triple–powered approach of Innovation, Information and Insights to help companies improve their ESG performance." Verdantix, an independent analyst firm, recently named Sphera as a market leader for environmental compliance, sustainability management and sustainability reporting in its EHS Software Benchmark report. Sphera achieved the highest aggregate score for environmental compliance management and Corporate Sustainability solutions.

"Sphera is one of the few digital solution providers to bring together capabilities for sustainability reporting, ESG risk management and product stewardship. They've made meaningful investments in building their ESG reporting capabilities," added David Metcalfe, CEO of Verdantix. "Their recognition in our EHS Software Benchmark report is a direct reflection of their commitment to leading the way for corporate sustainability excellence."

To learn more about how Sphera is helping customers in their sustainability journey, read about how the company helped Aptar, a global leader in packaging and drug delivery devices, validate their ESG risks and opportunities according to the TCFD methodology.

Dr. Michele Del Grosso, global program manager of sustainability at Aptar said that, "Sphera's corporate sustainability and strategy experts provided Aptar with valuable insights into the financial implications of our climate–related risks and opportunities. This enabled us to provide our stakeholders with valid proof of our environmental performance. By integrating the results into CDP reporting, we were able to improve ESG performance and recognition to become a CDP 2020 Climate A–List company."

For additional information on how Sphera is helping customers meet and exceed ESG performance goals, visit https://sphera.com/begin–your–esg–sustainability–journey/.

About Sphera

Sphera creates a safer, more sustainable and productive world. We are a leading global provider of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance and risk management software, data and consulting services with a focus on Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability (EHS&S), Operational Risk Management and Product Stewardship.

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Institutional Investor Launches 2021 Developed Europe, 2021 Developed Europe Small & Midcap and 2021 Emerging EMEA Executive Team Rankings

LONDON, Sept. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Institutional Investor Research (II Research) surveys are the leading provider of independent performance validation and market sentiment across 8 global capital markets. Executive Team surveys are an independent platform for investment and sell–side professionals to evaluate credibility, communication, financial stewardship and capital allocation of corporate leadership, as well as IR effectiveness across multiple activities. The results from the survey, an in–depth capability and benchmark analysis, capture the sentiment and trust level of stakeholders in their equity assets.

With nearly 2,000 Investment professionals contributing to the surveys, participation from the buy and sell–side increased by 30% and 13% for the Developed Europe survey and the Emerging EMEA survey respectively.

Survey participation and market feedback increased as Corporates ramp up investor engagement to nurture stakeholder relationships in response to market uncertainty, where access to the IR and Executive teams was critical.

2021 Developed Europe Executive Team results

1,031 companies and 2,259 individuals were nominated across 31 sectors across Europe.

11 companies clinched a clean sweep first place in the combined rankings in four of the six categories for Best CEO, Best CFO, Best Investor Relations Professional, Best IR Company, Best Analyst/Investor Event and Best ESG Metrics in their respective sectors:

Airbus (France, Aerospace & Defense); Amplifon (Italy, Medical Technologies & Services); Anglo American (United Kingdom, Metals & Mining); ASML Holding (Netherlands, Technology/Hardware); AstraZeneca (United Kingdom, Pharmaceuticals); Cellnex Telecom (Spain, Telecommunications Services); Intesa Sanpaolo (Italy, Banks); L'Oreal (France, Household & Personal Care Products); Nestl (Switzerland, Food Producers); Poste Italiane (Italy, Specialty & Other Finance) and Vonovia (Germany, Property).

2021 Developed Europe Small & Midcap Executive Team results

Nearly 700 companies and over 1,100 individuals were nominated across 29 sectors.

Four companies clinched a clean sweep first place in the combined rankings in four of the six aforementioned categories:

Amplifon (Italy, Medical Technologies & Services); Bankinter (Spain, Banks); CIE Automotive (Spain, Autos & Auto Parts) and Nexans (France, Capital Goods).

2021 Emerging EMEA Executive Team results

351 companies and 552 individuals were nominated across 11 sectors.

Six companies clinched a clean sweep first place in the combined rankings in four categories for Best CEO, Best CFO, Best Investor Relations Professional, Best IR Company, Best Analyst/Investor Event and Best ESG Metrics in their respective sectors:

MLP Saglik Hizmetleri (Turkey, Health Care & Pharmaceuticals); NLMK (Russia, Metals & Mining); Rosneft (Russia, Oil & Gas); TCS Group Holding (Russia, Financials); X5 Retail Group (Russia, Consumer) and Yandex (Russia, Technology, Media & Telecommunications).

Emerging trends identified

German, Russian and Turkish companies continue to lead in IR practices achieving the highest number of Honoured and Most Honoured Companies in their respective survey.

ESG evaluation: As greater efforts are being made to provide transparency on the path to sustainable growth, this year, Investment professionals evaluated Corporates on their ESG corporate strategy, their ESG engagement and ESG metrics. Investment professionals are keen for companies to take an inside– out approach to ESG, not consider it an add–on, but as an integral part of their corporate strategy.

Movers and shakers

Newcomers to the Developed Europe Survey include HelloFresh, a German meal–kit company, which has only been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since its IPO in November 2017 and will shortly join the DAX. In February 2020, the Dutch company Takeaway.com merged with British food delivery service Just Eat to create Just Eat Takeaway.com, joining the FTSE 100 and new to the survey also. French company AccorHotels have achieved a high number of published positions in the survey, despite the pressures on the sector in the pandemic.

Several companies moved up the leader's board in the Emerging EMEA survey with PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna (Poland), NLMK (Russia) and Pegasus Hava Tasimaciligi (Turkey) all increasing on their 2020 positions.

Amani Korayeim, Director for Europe and Emerging EMEA, says "As markets are increasingly globalised and information is spreading quicker, the pressures on companies to communicate more effectively, engage more frequently, increase management access and improve disclosure to an ever– broadening set of investors and intermediaries, are culminating. The results of the Developed Europe and Emerging EMEA Executive Team surveys indicate, by and large, consensus amongst investment professionals on what they perceive to be excellent IR. Over the last 18 months companies have worked tirelessly demonstrate resilience and a robust response strategy to the pandemic which pushed many to re–imagine their business models and reposition themselves. I am delighted to see that quite a few companies in sectors which have been hit very hard and continue to suffer from great uncertainty, have delivered great IR and are amongst the Honoured and Most Honoured companies in the 2021 survey. Hence, IR work and communication cannot be measured by financials and as Milton Erickson said "the effectiveness of communication is defined" by the response'. Thank you to nearly 2,000 investment professionals who "responded' in the survey and provided invaluable independent feedback to both validate the good IR work and help identify opportunities for improvement."

For the full list of published winners, please visit www.institutionalinvestor.com/research.

To share your position on your website content, advertisements, communications and marketing collateral, please contact marketing@iiresearch.com.

Benchmark Data and IR Capability Analysis

To request further information on how you can use survey data to market your firm internally or externally, or deeper analysis of survey data, please contact amani.korayeim@iiresearch.com.

Media contact

Sally Savery, Director of Marketing, Institutional Investor Research. Sally.savery@iiresearch.com.

About Institutional Investor Research

For 53 years Institutional Investor has consistently distinguished itself among the world's foremost media companies with ground–breaking journalism and incisive writing that provides essential intelligence for a global audience. In addition, since 1972, Institutional Investor Research (II Research) has offered highly–respected proprietary benchmark research and rankings, providing independent feedback on the sell–side and corporate performance; II Research aims to be the first–choice as well as independent validation source of qualitative market intelligence for all three sides of the investment community and has a global presence spanning Europe, Asia Pacific, the US and Latin America.

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