NetJets Shares First Biannual Global Sustainability Program Progress Update

COLUMBUS, Ohio, April 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — NetJets, the leader in private aviation with more than 760 aircraft worldwide, today releases its first biannual update following the launch of its expanded Global Sustainability Program in October 2020. Since the program announcement, NetJets has taken its commitment to sustainability a step further, acquiring a stake in WasteFuel , a next generation waste–to–fuel business that transforms landfill waste into sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). NetJets will also purchase 100 million gallons of SAF over the next decade. This represents one of the largest SAF offtakes in the aviation industry and by far the largest in private aviation.

In addition to sustainable fuel, NetJets' initiative focuses on consumer and corporate carbon offsetting. This includes offsetting NetJets' administrative and training flights, as well as its two corporate offices in Columbus, Ohio, which are now carbon neutral.

The following metrics are highlights of these collective efforts in the U.S. over the last six months:

  • A 61% increase in Blue Skies enrollment
    • The Blue Skies program encourages Owners worldwide to take responsibility for the environmental impact of their flight by seamlessly purchasing the equivalent amount of carbon credits to ensure their flight activity is carbon neutral
  • Approximately 750,000 nautical miles flown with SAF
  • 38,543 metric tons of CO2 offset
  • 7,650 carbon neutral flight hours purchased

NetJets Europe, which has been carbon neutral since 2012, offset 4,724 metric tons of carbon from October 2020 through February 2021 and over 1 million metric tons total. NetJets Europe will begin purchasing SAF in 2021.

"Our worldwide sustainability efforts continue to be a source of pride and passion for us at NetJets and a key business priority in 2021 and beyond," said Brad Ferrell, Executive Vice President of Administrative Services. "Our financial and operational commitments, to SAF in particular, not only push competitors to take a stance on the issue but also help guarantee the continued availability of sustainable fuel for the larger aviation industry. This is just the beginning of our journey, and we are invigorated to further our progress as the leader in sustainable private aviation."

A subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, NetJets aligns its Global Sustainability Program with the holding company's commitment to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. To follow NetJets' sustainability progress, visit–us/sustainability.

About NetJets

Beginning as the first private jet charter and management company, NetJets has led the industry for 55+ years. Then in 1986, they revolutionized it with the concept of shared ownership and proceeded to build the largest, most diverse private jet fleet in the world. Today, NetJets is proud to be a Berkshire Hathaway company known for its unwavering commitment to safety, service, and unmatched global access. NetJets' industry–leading scale and business model offer NetJets and its Owners dependable financial sustainability unlike any other in the industry. For these reasons and many more, NetJets will continue to be the favored choice of the world's most discerning travelers for generations to come. For more information about the world's most reliable and trusted aviation company, please visit

Jacada Partners With CallMiner to Coach Agents and Automate Tasks Using Agent Assist

ATLANTA, April 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Jacada, Inc., the leading provider of real–time agent assist solutions, has announced a new strategic technology partnership with CallMiner, the leading provider of speech and customer interaction analytics.

By leveraging CallMiner's Eureka platform and Jacada's Interact low code automation platform in harmony, organizations can rapidly build and launch real–time agent assist and other intelligent automation solutions.

Contact centers can use real–time agent assist to analyze voice interactions between customers and agents in real–time, automate repetitive tasks and guide agents at moments that matter the most during live customer interactions.

Some of the most popular agent assist capabilities are as follows:

  • Workflows that automate processes and guide agents during every step of a conversation with a customer.
  • Robotic process automation (RPA) bots that automate manual tasks on the agent's desktop.
  • Virtual assistants answer questions proactively and surface relevant articles at the right time, as well as coaching bots that offer timely tips for agent improvement.

Getting started with agent assist is easy. Business analysts can design the agent assistant in a visual designer with clicks not code. CallMiner's post call analytics and real–time insights help the agent assistant deliver more personalized agent and customer experiences. When ready, contact centers can launch the agent assistant, monitor its usage, and continuously boost relevant KPIs by tweaking it as needed.

"We are particularly pleased to partner with CallMiner and in taking another key step toward realizing our vision for Agent Assist, as our clients are excited about the combined power of real–time conversation analytics and robotic desktop automation," said Yoel Goldenberg, chief product officer at Jacada.

Jacada has proven its ability to deliver on the business case for agent assist by reducing agent onboarding time by 75%, errors by 90%, and agent attrition by more than 20%. The partnership builds on this industry leadership by enabling organizations to expand contact center automation and efficiency, which in turn drives benefits enterprise–wide.

"By combining the power of CallMiner's conversation analytics with Jacada's ability to guide agents and automate manual tasks in real time, we're making it easier for organizations to drive improvement in the contact center and across their business," said Jeff Gallino, founder, and chief technology officer at CallMiner. "We're excited about the benefits this partnership will undoubtedly bring to joint customers."

To learn more about this partnership, watch a live demo and interact with our experts, register for this webinar: Make Every Agent Your Best Agent With Real–time Speech Analytics and RPA.

About CallMiner
CallMiner is a recognized leader in the speech analytics software industry, harvesting key customer and operational insights from multi– channel customer interactions. Uniting with our customers and partners, our platform drives contact center efficiency, positive customer and employee experience and significant improvements in top and bottom–line corporate performance.

About Jacada
Jacada is the leading provider of contact center automation software, recognized for its unified intelligent virtual agent and robotic process automation capabilities. Contact center and customer experience leaders at Fortune 1000 companies trust Jacada with assisting customers and agents during moments that matter. Business analysts and developers use our low code automation platform to build and launch real–time assistance solutions leveraging AI and RPA in weeks and realize return on investment in months.

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