MDBriefCase Group Announces New Expert Advisors and Transforms its Online Learning Platform

TORONTO, Sept. 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MDBriefCase Group Inc. ("MDBC" or the "Company"), a global leader in e–learning products and services that aims to accelerate better decision–making in healthcare, announced collaborations with two expert advisors, Dr. David Strain, Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Exeter (London, UK), and Dr. Mohamed Farghaly, Associate Professor at Dubai Medical College (Dubai, UAE). These collaborations will continue to support MDBC's foothold as one of the foremost online, continuing professional development providers across Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe and the Middle East.

These exciting new collaborations come at a transformational time in the Company's history as a global leader in online medical education, as they coincide with the launch of MDBC's enhanced digital presence including a new learning platform that applies cutting–edge instructional design to all of MDBC's global products and services.

"The opportunity to work with Drs. Strain and Farghaly as expert advisors to the Company provides MDBriefCase with access to highly–respected thought leaders with deep clinical and industry insights," says Jason Flowerday, CEO of MDBC. "Our entry, and the acceleration of MDBC's world–class online medical education, into the UK, Europe and the Middle East is an organizational priority that will be significantly enhanced by collaborations with these renowned experts. The timely launch of our transformational digital learning platform with its enhanced products and services further supports the Company's priority to surpass the needs of our members and sponsors."

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About Dr. David Strain

Dr. David Strain, MB, ChB, BSc (Hons) MD, FRCP is the clinical lead in the Diabetes and Vascular Research Centre, University of Exeter Medical School in the UK, as well as the academic lead in the Department of Healthcare for older people at the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital and chairs the British Medical Association's Academic Staff Committee. He has an ongoing focus on ensuring the right patient receives the right medication. This includes projects exploring the mechanisms of benefit of different agents for the treatment of diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular disease. He has performed some of the health economic analyses that have informed NICE guidelines and contributed to the parliamentary review of how medicines are reviewed and commissioned in the National Health Service.

He was lead author on the UK guidance for the assessment and management of older adults with diabetes and frailty, that has recently led to a change in the primary care contract in the UK, and senior author on the UK position statement for the management of cardiovascular disease in people with diabetes. He is currently developing the tools for risk assessment and prognosis after stroke. Clinically, he runs a community clinic for older adults with diabetes and vascular disease and works in one of the largest hyperacute stroke units in the UK.

About Dr. Mohamed Farghaly

Dr. Mohamed Farghaly, FRCGP(UK), MRCGP, DMSc (UK), DIH(Ireland), MBCHB (ALEX)

Is an Associate Professor at Dubai Medical College, Consultant at Dubai Health Insurance Corporation (DHIC), Head of the Insurance Medical Regulation and a Tutor at Cardiff University, UK. Dr. Farghaly is also the Head of Scientific Committee FM(EMS), member of UAE National Diabetes Technical Committee, member of UAE National Diabetes Guideline Committee, member of UAE National Cancer and HCV committees, Member of DHA Diabetic Board, accredited trainer in Family Medicine by the Royal College of General Practitioners in the United Kingdom, and accredited examiner for MRCGP (INT) WONCA EMR General Secretary.

About MDBriefCase Group Inc.

MDBriefCase Group Inc. specializes in developing online, accredited continuing professional development for healthcare professionals. The Company engages prestigious regional and international medical associations and accreditation partners to develop innovative educational programs that reflect the local experiences of healthcare professionals around the world. Its programs, supported by educational grants from the pharmaceutical industry, governments, world–class hospitals and not–for–profit organizations, are peer–reviewed by clinical specialists to ensure balance and applicability to latest clinical practices around the world. Over 250,000 healthcare professionals across more than 20 countries have free access to MDBC programs reflecting the latest evidence–based information and guidelines to improve local patient care. For more information, visit the company's website at:

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Plaswood: Plastic waste crunched into pieces becomes ply-plastic

Sep 18 2019 (IPS-Partners)

Environment always becomes my first concern. Plastic wastes and deforestations are the major issues that I have involved with. The story behind the business concept occurred when I was running a small construction project to build a room in the apartment which I needed to buy plywood to build that room. At that time, I realized that the plywood is totally made from woodchips. I then got an idea of ply-plastic by crunching the plastic into pieces and transforming them to ply-plastic. 

Plastic consumption and waste are in the positive growth, especially in the developing countries. The amount of 300 million tons of plastic has been produced every year. There are 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic that has been produced, 6.3 billion metric tons has become plastic waste. In Cambodia, according to the ACRA Foundation, around 10 million plastic bags are used in Phnom Penh every day. Urban Cambodians use more than 2,000 plastic bags every year.

Besides, deforestation is also the tough issue harmfully affecting the climate change. The total world forest loss till date is 7.3 million hectares per year. Amazon forest is also under threat. On the other hand, we are dealing with the current production in Cambodia that lack of sustainable association which creates lot of negative impact to social and environment, using more than 900,000 cubic meters of forests and producing more than 100 million tons of CO2 emission in last 5 year.

To solve this problem, we design the leading quality of eco-friendly and sustainable product with affordable price while proving the social and environmental impact through developing new product using plastic waste- called ply-plastic.

Plaswood specializes in the design and manufacture of plastic plywood that uses plastic waste recycling into ply-plastic, normally made from wood chips. It can be used in any kind of activities as the substitute product in the construction industry. Focused primarily on environmental issues, the company sees that plastic waste keeps increasing and forests are being cut down. Our facility was designed and built to create a production setting that minimizes environmental variables. The company aims at:

  • Using plastic waste in production to create ply-plastic product;
  • Reducing the consumption of trees; and
  • Providing longer product durability than the existing alternatives.

For the initial process of the business, the company’s strategic operation is to make strong corporation with local waste collecting company by selecting valuable plastic wastes. The manufacturing process will start by using hi-tech machine as its operation.

In 2018, Plaswood made a chance to participate in competition – Asean Virtual Business Plan Competition – which was organized by Australian government which took place at Thailand. Unfortunately, the project got 4th place among 82 teams, comprising 232 individuals from 6 countries.

In mid-2018, this project has been applied the competition in England under the Worldlabs organization. Unfortunately, it’s been awarded as the top 100 shortlist projects among the hundreds of high-quality candidates. In mid-2019, Plaswood have been brought to another competition, organized by Canadian organization, under the Greenpreneur program and the idea is selected among 200 applications.

Currently, we’re working with Greenpreneur program to develop product to the real market. We have been working on this business idea with this program for around 3 months by having the virtual training with the Canadian teams to write the business plan in this acceleration program.

We are also given the weekly tasks to complete and the mentor to help our team working on the idea which we aim to make this idea to the real market in Cambodia.

Greenprenuer has given more insight about social lean business plan while the impact modelling is the key point to make the business more realistic. Guest speakers are invited to share their experiences regarding their stories of successes and failures. It has been an amazing experience to have been working virtually with the program. We gratefully thank the organizing teams for hardworking and feedback to improve our project.