General Fusion commissions world-renowned architect AL_A to design Fusion Demonstration Plant

New partnership to reimagine industrial power plant design

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Nov. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, General Fusion announced a partnership with globally recognized architecture firm AL_A to assist in the design of its Fusion Demonstration Plant (FDP). The FDP is the company's project to showcase fusion energy's game–changing potential for mitigating climate change. AL_A is providing the creative leadership to imagine and develop a first–of–its–kind facility for the FDP that is open, transparent, and inspiring.

General Fusion's FDP will introduce the world to the company's unique Magnetized Target Fusion (MTF) technology, a practical approach that maximizes the use of existing industrial technologies to create a faster path to fusion energy. Once operational, the FDP will demonstrate MTF technology under power plant–relevant conditions.

AL_A founder and Royal Institute of British Architects Stirling Prize–winning architect Amanda Levete will lead the design of the FDP facility to display the promise of fusion by integrating science with nature. The company's fusion machine will sit at the heart of the building, visible to visitors. Environmental designs will include educational corridors with informative displays that capture visitors' imaginations as they contemplate a clean energy future.

"It will be a building that is not only highly efficient but one that also expresses the technological optimism of fusion to solve the energy problems of the world," said Amanda Levete, founder and principal of AL_A. "The facility will project a confident message to the public about the extraordinary potential of this technology."

"The company's Fusion Demonstration Plant is not only an opportunity to showcase our technology, but also to share the promise of a greener tomorrow. It will invite the world in to experience the transformative potential of fusion energy," said CEO Christofer Mowry. "Together with our visionary partners, we are working to change the relationship between energy and society."

With the AL_A partnership, General Fusion is pushing the boundaries of industrial design, creating a facility that invites a social connection between consumers and power providers previously unexperienced in the energy sector. Key project partners also include the internationally recognized engineering and construction firm Hatch.

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GreyOrange Partners with Israeli Logistics Leader Gold Bond on eCommerce Fulfilment Center

ATLANTA, Nov. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GreyOrange, a global software provider that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize fulfillment operations, today announced a partnership with logistics solutions provider Gold Bond to provide warehouse automation supporting its eCommerce services in Israel. The two companies have established autonomous fulfilment within the Gold Bond facility in Ashdod, designed specifically to provide e–commerce logistics services. The Ashdod facility""featuring the GreyOrange GreyMatter operating system""currently fulfils approximately 18,000–20,000 orders per day and maintains 20,000–25,000 SKUs in stock.

GreyMatter anticipates and optimizes the movement of SKUs, orchestrating intelligent robots to stage and move inventory based on order flow, item popularity, promise–to–deliver dates, profitability analysis, customer value and satisfaction.

"GreyOrange's intelligent fulfilment solutions will help us serve the needs of current and future customers for modern, technology–enabled warehouse automation," said Yotam Ben Ari, eCommerce manager at Gold Bond. "By working with GreyOrange, Gold Bond will be able to react faster to unpredictable market changes as well as offer same–day delivery."

In addition to the Ashdod operation, the partnership enables GreyOrange and Gold Bond to expand operations in the region, meeting customer needs for warehouse automation and the intelligent and rapid analysis of operational data.

"GreyOrange will provide us with intelligence and flexibility to handle changing SKUs, volumes, workflows and growth over time," added Ben Ari.

"Gold Bond is a goods–to–person leader in Israel and this partnership is a unique opportunity to access the Israeli market, where 70 percent of the population already shops online and has seen e–commerce growth of 15 percent over the last three years," said Nigel Lahiri, EMEA Sales Director at GreyOrange.

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